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We bring solution expertise to conflicts

Sometimes conflicts and differences of opinions cannot be avoided. In these situations, our experienced experts are ready to assist you with sound judgment and the required assertiveness. In this context, we always keep an eye on the larger picture to achieve the most economic and appropriate solution. In addition, we also provide our clients with a clear assessment of their legal position. We work with you to develop a tailored negotiation, procedural or process strategy that successfully asserts your legal point of view.

Our experts, who have a lot of practical experience, can represent you in all court and out-of-court disputes, in particular before civil and financial courts, and arbitration tribunals. In addition to classic disputes under civil law (such as warranty and liability cases), our expertise also focuses on disputes under labor, building contract, insurance, inheritance and corporate law. Moreover, our seamless collaboration with LeitnerLeitner also ensures interdisciplinary and efficient support for preventing national and international tax conflicts.

Our services

  • Sound assessment of legal position and process risk
  • Support with the development of negotiation, procedural and process strategies
  • Representation in out-of-court disputes and before civil and financial courts, and arbitration tribunals
  • Alternative dispute settlement and settlement-based resolution of legal disputes
  • Support with national and cross-border company audits (“joint audits”)
  • Support with bilateral and multilateral tax-related mutual agreement procedures and arbitration proceedings
  • Collection of receivables and execution proceedings
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